Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about your Locksmith services? Feel free to check out these FAQs to find your answer as soon as possible!

Warranty and Workmanship

All Locks and Hardware that we supply come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty, in some cases these can also be extended for up to 5 years. Our workmanship entails that the work carried out (labor) is backed by 90 days what this means to you is that should any unforeseen issues arise after the Locksmith has completed their work we will come back out to fix the issue at NO additional charge subject to a pre-approved booking which will determine the factor of the error.

Why do I need to send a picture?

Sending a picture is how we can revoke any call-out charges. by being able to see the job and ensuring we have the right stock for the issue, it helps us and you to reduce time, especially when in an emergency

Do you have Qualifications?

By UK Law, you do not need any qualifications to become a Locksmith, however, we believe in providing the best services we possibly can so, therefore, we have attended Locksmiths training programs such as Master Locksmith Association and may more too come we believe in being the best in what we do so we attended and expand our skillset as much possible to offer you a complete Locksmith experience.

How do I know who is a Rouge Locksmith?

Unfortunately, it is true that some people within the industry claim to be locksmiths but in reality, they are not. Here is a useful site to find out more:

Why do I need to pay upfront? 

In some cases we may ask for an upfront payment this will ensure that your slot is secure as well as the engineer for despatch.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

In some cases, the cost of necessary materials may be high. For large projects, we may require a nonrefundable 50% deposit to secure the job. This protects us and ensures that the work can be completed. The remaining balance will be due upon completion of the project.

Why do I need to pay via a payment link rather than a Card machine?

A payment link is usually sent if for some reason we don’t have access to a card machine onsite this could be because another technician is using it on a different site. So a payment link will be sent where, when clicked it will take you to a secure payment site where payments can be made. All payments must be paid immediately.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer?


I can’t afford a locksmith and I’m on benefits or low income.

Please call us to discuss some options that might be suited to your needs.

How would I know I’m being charged a fair price?

You can use this as a reference but do keep in mind, the location and the actual job vary from city to city:

I work in an Estates agency / Property Management is there a service we can get

Absolutely yes. Contact us via any of the platforms provided.

I was quoted a fixed price however when the locksmith attended the price was different.

We always try to use various means of understanding the issue before we quote a 99.9% fixed price is honored. But in some cases like a Multipoint Mechanism, It can be hard to diagnose the issue via pictures and phone calls, with a Multipoint Mechanism (uPVC door) several things can go wrong like the center Gearbox that operates the mechanism a jammed, or slipped cam on the cylinder, a faulty Mechanism where the bolts/latches don’t operate as it should, for standard doors and locks we also need to factor that a whole locking unit (night latch for example) needs to be replaced or part of the door frame has corroded and therefore need extra attention to that part resulting in a slightly high price. 

As do feel strongly about fixed pricing but we also urge customers to keep these things in mind. Please be rest assured that the Locksmith will always explain and inform you of any changes and price changes before the work is carried out and you have complete control and no obligation to proceed.